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Wound Care Management Features


  • Excel like interface for quick data entry for wound care management
  • Wound care summary for easy viewing historical data
  • Predefined template for common wounds built in
  • Capture wound images at point of care
  • Braden scale risk assessment
  • Easy Procedure templates for debridement
  • Captures trends in wound size over time

Wound Care for Physicians Office & Outpatient Facilities

  • Automated ICD 10 code assigned to procedures based on wound type & stage
  • Automated charge entry for procedures.
  • Quick access to treatment protocols
  • Enables clinical staff to easily capture and document key assessment and intervention information through predefined templates.
  • Easy template management 
  • Integrated Revenue Cycle Management

Wound Care for Nursing Facilities

  • Easily maintain continuum of care between nurses and visiting providers.
  • Auto sync progress notes from consulting physician to nursing homes and vice versa thus saving time to capture and reenter wound related data.
  • Avoid duplication of work between the nurses and providers.
  • Generate reports for OSHA compliance.
  • Generate MDS reporting data.
  • Accurately track wound progress over time in real time.
  • Strong reporting for key metrics. 
  • Reporting at patient, facility and enterprise level to get a complete picture.
  • Braden Risk Assessment for predicting pressure ulcer risks
  • Easy access to alerts, allergies and patient history while documenting wound care.
  • Avoid duplication of work between the nurses and providers.